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Are you wondering about the cost of living in Thailand? No problem! During my two months trip backpacking around this amazing country, I recorded all my expenses and gathered all the information here in this article to satisfy your curiosities and help you to plan your trip in according to your budget.

I traveled from Pai (North) to Hat Yai (South) passing for some islands (Koh Phangan and Koh Tao), so I am confident when I tell you that the prices in Thailand can be fairly different depending on the area, the season and your bargain skills.

Consider finally that this price list refers to the cost of living for a low budget trip, but honestly I am super happy with the meals I had (I love thai food), the hostels and bungalows where I slept, the easiness to organize an internal trip in a snap of a finger and the organised activites I took part.


The currency in Thailand is the baht (฿) and most of the places here accept only cash, except more expensive restaurants and stores. There are two ways to get the cash you need to buy your avocado smoothie and these are:

Exchanging money in a bank or in a common private money changer. Just check carefully the exchange rates posted outside and find the best deal;

Withdraw money from any ATM available on your way. The downside of doing this, it’s that you will be charged for any amount you withdraw with a foreign transaction fee of 220 baht. So the suggestion is to avoid to withdraw a small amount of money and looking for the only Thai ATM which charge a reduced fee of 150 baht, just google on Maps AEON Bank and cross the fingers it’s close to you.



THB Exchange rates

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To record all the expenses during my trip I used a super sweet free app called Travel Spend. I really suggest you to download it especially if you are in a long trip and limited budget, it has plenty of features like auto-conversion and graphics usefull to keep under controls your finances! 

Here all the prices divided by kind of expense:


Proper local meal: 50-130B

Large bottle of Beer: 50-100B

Small bottle Water: 3B

Big Bottle of Water: 13-17B

Fruit Smoothie/Juice: 35-70B

Coffee: 50-60B

Pad Tai: 35-60B

Mango Sticky Rice: 50B

Black Sticky Rice: 20B

Chicken Rice: 35B

Falafel: 100B

Fried Chicken: 45B

Squid Fried: 80B

Coconut: 30-50B

Bananas (some): 10B

Pineapple: 20B

Fruit Dragon (some): 50B

Coconut Pancakes: 20B

Donut: 10-15B

Oreo: 30B


Bus ticket Bangkok: 13B

SkyTrain from Bangkok Airport to the city centre: 45B

5km Taxi fare in Bangkok: 85B

Short-trip in Tuk Tuk: 30B

Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: 1266B 

Minivan from Chiang Mai to Pai: 180B

Renting Motorbike (Pai): 100B/day

Minivan from Pai to Chiang Mai: 150B

Train and Ferry from Bangkok to Ko Phangan: 1158B

Renting Motorbike (Ko Phangan): 150B/day

Ferry from Ko Phangan to Ko Tao: 350B

Ferry and Minivan from Ko Tao to Khao Sok National Park: 900B

Minivan from Khao Sok National Park to Krabi: 350B

Minivan from Krabi to Hat Yai: 380B


Entrance Khao Sok National Park: 300B

PADI Open Water certificate: 8300B

Elephant Sanctuary day trip: 1350B


Bangkok (Private Room): 428B/night

Chiang Mai (Private Room): 200B/night

Pai (Private Bungalow): 234B/night

Ko Phangan (Private Bungalow): 306B/night

Ko Tao (Private Room): 410B/night

Khao Sok (Tend): 272B/night

Krabi (Private Room): 345B/night

Hat Yai (Private Room): 443B/night 


Laundry: 90-120B

Fee Withdrawal: 150-220B

Tiger Balm: 55B

Notebook: 90B

Flip Flop: 100B

Shorts: 75B


How much you will spend in Thailand is only up to you! But here there is the chance to have a memorable trip without clear out your wallet and still not missing any flavour, taste and experience.

Travel on a budget allows us, travellers, to extend longer our journey around the world. It’s crucial to stay mindful, enjoy at the maximum the experience and give respect to the amazing Thai people who work super hard, cooking delicious meals, driving for hours and host us every time with a smile! 

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