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Hey there! I am so happy you visited my page, to know more about who is behind the photos and the articles you can see around. Here it’s Emanuel Caristi Photography & Travel. Recently I opened my Blog in order to show my creations and share my travel experiences. I want to inspire travellers like you to plan their next adventure.


Despite labels are not really my strong suit, I can briefly describe myself as a curious simple guy with a passion for Photography and Travel.

I have been so lucky to be born in Sicily, one of the most beautiful places on the Earth, nevertheless the event brought me often far away from my city and that’s where I understood how the border doesn’t really exist but are just in our mind.

My dream is to be one day on the front page of National Geographic or a contributor for Lonely Planet, but until that moment I will enjoy all my trips listening with the heart and looking through my camera.


So far I worked as a Professional Photographer in some luxury Hotels around the Canary Islands, focusing on photo shooting for families and couples. Recently I started to collaborate with some tour operators associated with local resorts, taking photos and videos of the activities offered to the tourists.

However, the kind of photography most I enjoy at this moment of my life is street and documentary photography. Taking photos of people busy in their activities, in their world is an opportunity to appreciate their feeling and all the details of the environment where they live.

“A photo is like a book, you can read it slowly. Take your time and if you like it, read your favourite one again and again”

I discover new meanings every time, wondering and speculating about the thoughts of my subject and sometimes I just love to be a witness of a piece of human life.


Travel, “to move or go from one place to another one”.

This is probably the definition you would find in a dictionary.

I love to think that travel is more “to conquer obstacles, to grow, understanding your own limits, to not move from place to place, but feel part of them”

I consider myself an 80% Traveler 20% Tourist. Why? Easy to explain. I never start a trip with the plan to see a specific landmark, but to experience, new cultures, interact with locals and collect genuine memories from the places I visit.

Don’t take it as critic toward any category. Everyone should live their travels following their feelings and passions. Personally, If I should choose between visiting the Tour Eiffel and prepare a Moroccan Tajine in the jungle, I would choose the second one.


I will update time to time this page sharing some posts about my hobbies, not strictly related to travel and photography. After all, this is my space, there are almost no rules to follow here. So stay tuned.

If you are not too tired and you are willing to scroll a little bit more, you will find some more goodies that could interest you.

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