WHAT’S IN MY BAG – Photo Equipment

Welcome to What’s in my bag – Photo Equipment! If you arrived here, probably you are interested to know what is the gear I use for my works and it’s exactly what you will find in this article.

I will update this page time to time with any new purchase, which could be useful to improve your photography and make your workflow easier.

Each of the items in the list below is tested personally by me on the field. If you are interested to purchase any, using my links, you can contribute to the growth of my website and to the creation of new free contents like this one. Let’s open it and check it out!

The Nikon D750, despite has been released in 2014, is still one of the best options if you want buy a professional DSLR camera without break the bank. After more than 1 year of use, I can say that this model is built like a tank and produce beautiful high-quality files. Almost all the pictures you can see so far on the website are shooted using this jewelry.

I suggest you this camera if your passion is photography and you don’t have big needs about video shooting. If you understand the soul of this machine, it will give you a lot of satisfaction, naturally if matched with lenses of the same value.

Soon among these pages, a more deep and technical review.

There are some situations where the Nikon D750 is not the best choice. That is the moment when the PowerShot G7X Mark II comes into play. This little compact is perfect if you love travel and don’t want to carry a heavy camera all the way around with you.

Premium construnction, great optical stabilization, nd filter, impressive quality lens, tilt screen, make this camera a trustable fellow traveler for vlogger and amateur photographer.

I loved it during my moto trip from Sicily to Canary Islands, so handy that you won’t miss a single moment. In my opinion, the bridge between smartphone and professional camera.

I love prime lenses, but since I bought the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC, I have almost never felt the need to separate it from the camera body. 

The picture quality is not a compromise here, even all opened the photos came out simply beautiful, considering the price market of this zoom lens.

If you are seeking for a lens able to give you the freedom and versatility during your travels, don’t look any further.

With the in lens stabilization, the fixed 2.8 aperture, you won’t have any more excuse to don’t go outside and master landscapes to portraits.

Why a super wide lens 14mm? Because it’s fantastic! It literally enlarge your creativity, perfect for landscape and interiors despite the extreme distortion.

All manual, hard to handle, it can give you big satisfactions, if combined with a decent body and tripod.

One cons? For sure, the crazy expensive filters, which need an holder because of the huge aspherical lens.

Before purchase the HP Spectre x360 13” i5-8250U, I had one powerful gaming laptop made by MSI. You could think… “perfect for photo and video”. That’s right, it was a great machine, except for the 3-4kg of pain excluded the charger. 

Buying this laptop, changed my perspective to work in mobility. I was looking for for an ultrabook affordable that I could use for some photo and simple video editing. Well this laptop makes this dirty job. You have to accept several compromises, limited Hard Disk, Integrated Graphic Card, editing in FHD. But I am not here to provide a simple list of features. 

In 1.2kg you have a valuable product for your creative projects. Clear, If you can afford something better, go for it, but don’t understimate the stress to carry with you a more expensive piece of technology during your travels.

I am using this beast for 3 years now and I cannot tell you how many times it saved my life.

20100 mAh can sound too many, but when you are traveling for undiscovered paths, you never know when you will meet the next working plug.

After all this time, despite my totally carelessness, it still mantain a good level of charge and looks pretty good.

I am so happy for this purchase, probably the accessory that I use more daily, which helped me to forget about how long my batteries last.

I was looking for a reliable SSD hard disk to save all my contents and work directly on it. 

The Samsung T5 may sound expensive, but provides all the top features a hard disk can offer in 2019 in only 74mm x 54.3mm and 51 grams. 

You can choose among 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB.

This little jewel reaches the transfer speed of 540mb/s and is supported by a software which allow you to set a password and manage your data.

Don’t save money on the hard disk if you are a pro!